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Clark & Greg | Classic Center

classic center wedding-101.jpgclassic center wedding-102.jpgclassic center wedding-103.jpgclassic center wedding-104.jpgclassic center wedding-105.jpgclassic center wedding-106.jpgclassic center wedding-107.jpgclassic center wedding-108.jpgclassic center wedding-109.jpgclassic center wedding-110.jpgclassic center wedding-111.jpgclassic center wedding-112.jpgclassic center wedding-113.jpgclassic center wedding-114.jpgclassic center wedding-115.jpgclassic center wedding-116.jpgclassic center wedding-117.jpgclassic center wedding-118.jpgclassic center wedding-119.jpgclassic center wedding-120.jpgclassic center wedding-121.jpgclassic center wedding-122.jpgclassic center wedding-123.jpgclassic center wedding-124.jpgclassic center wedding-125.jpgclassic center wedding-126.jpgclassic center wedding-127.jpgclassic center wedding-128.jpgclassic center wedding-129.jpgclassic center wedding-130.jpgclassic center wedding-131.jpgclassic center wedding-132.jpgclassic center wedding-133.jpgclassic center wedding-134.jpgclassic center wedding-135.jpgclassic center wedding-136.jpgclassic center wedding-137.jpgclassic center wedding-138.jpgclassic center wedding-139.jpgclassic center wedding-140.jpgclassic center wedding-141.jpg
  What a beautiful bride! Clark and Greg were married at the Classic Center here in Athens, Ga. The wedding party got ready at the Hilton Garden Inn right across the street. The gorgeous makeup was provided by our friends at Bombshell Creations.  We had the perfect day for a photo shoot on the University of Georgia’s North Campus.

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Carrie & Tim | Thompson House and Gardens

Thompson House Wedding-101.jpgThompson House Wedding-102.jpgThompson House Wedding-103.jpgThompson House Wedding-104.jpgThompson House Wedding-105.jpgThompson House Wedding-106.jpgThompson House Wedding-107.jpgThompson House Wedding-108.jpgThompson House Wedding-109.jpgThompson House Wedding-110.jpgThompson House Wedding-111.jpgThompson House Wedding-112.jpgThompson House Wedding-113.jpgThompson House Wedding-114.jpgThompson House Wedding-115.jpgThompson House Wedding-116.jpgThompson House Wedding-117.jpgThompson House Wedding-118.jpgThompson House Wedding-119.jpgThompson House Wedding-120.jpgThompson House Wedding-137.jpgThompson House Wedding-121.jpgThompson House Wedding-122.jpgThompson House Wedding-123.jpgThompson House Wedding-125.jpgThompson House Wedding-126.jpgThompson House Wedding-127.jpgThompson House Wedding-128.jpgThompson House Wedding-129.jpgThompson House Wedding-130.jpgThompson House Wedding-131.jpgThompson House Wedding-132.jpgThompson House Wedding-133.jpgThompson House Wedding-134.jpgThompson House Wedding-135.jpgThompson House Wedding-138.jpgThompson House Wedding-140.jpgThompson House Wedding-141.jpgThompson House Wedding-142.jpgThompson House Wedding-143.jpgThompson House Wedding-144.jpgThompson House Wedding-145.jpgThompson House Wedding-146.jpgThompson House Wedding-147.jpgThompson House Wedding-136.jpgThompson House Wedding-148.jpgThompson House Wedding-149.jpgThompson House Wedding-150.jpgThompson House Wedding-151.jpgThompson House Wedding-152.jpg
Here is the awesome wedding of Carrie and Tim at the Thompson House and Gardens. On Guest of Flowers By On put together some beautiful flowers for their wedding. Thanks Carrie and Tim for being such a great couple to work with.

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